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Management Services

Property owners can place their rental homes under the care of our team to receive the highest quality management services available. We utilize multiple advertising methods that place all of the available properties in the spotlight to drum up community interest. Digital advertisements placed on the Multiple Listing Service system, high traffic rental websites and our own full service site quickly bring tenants to the doorstep. We also utilize local marketing efforts, such as signs and brochure boxes, when appropriate.

Our team members always carefully screen interested tenants to check their prior rental history, current income and credit situation. Our screening process allows us to find a suitable renter for each available property. We strive to drastically extend tenant lease periods, reduce the chance of late payments and eliminate the possibility of eviction. We collect rent, handle expenses and send the remaining funds to the listed property owner’s bank account each month. All of the finances related to the rental properties are logged in a detailed report, which is sent to the property owner at the end of the month. Property owners also receive copies of all rent receipts, lease agreements and written tenant correspondence for their records.